Sunday, April 3, 2011

Belarusian Meat and Potato Pie -----Varity of Babka


On women's day my hubby gave me surprise dinner in Russian restaurant. It was fabulous to get treated by such good food. So this Sunday I tried one of its dish called Babka, though I have changed the original version slightly. I used lamb meat, instead of Bacon and added more veggies and some spices to make it more delicious.

Add oil and garlic in pan, saute it for few minutes and then add grounded meat. Cook it for 5 min on high flame and then add tomato puree, some spices (choices is yours, I added coriander powder, black pepper powder, some mustard seeds and cinnamon powder). Cook it for 3/4 min and then add cut veggies of your choice, I added one chopped onion, one bell pepper, and 2 cups of cabbage add salt and cook it for 3/4 min again.
While doing this boil 3/4 potatoes separately and mash them, add some salt. Preheat the oven. Now add some oil on the baking dish and spread half of the mashed potato in thin layer. Spread veggie and meat over the thin mashed potato bed and cover this up with a top layer of mashed potatoes. Spread some grated cheese. Bake it for 15 min or till the top layer becomes slightly golden brown.
Serve this with sour cream dip .
My daughter liked this dish so much that next day she asked me to prepare it again.


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