Monday, October 25, 2010

Dried Curd in Mango pulp wrap

last weekend we had called one of our friends for lunch. When he came, he opened a box for me as a surprise. The box was full of sweets. He asked me guess what it is. Rather than guessing I put one piece in my mouth :)....
He had made it himself at home and it was really delicious. The outer cover is made from Mango pulp and inside is dried curd powder with sugar .
A quick recipe for a sweet. I really appreciate his idea and next time when I bring mango pulp-sheet I 'll try to prepare it.

Recipe :
Curd Powder,
sugar, pinch of cardamon powder/ saffron/ or any essence,
Mango pulp sheet.

Here, we get curd powder very easily. If you cannot get it, just hang fresh curd in cloth for 1/2 hour and add powder sugar, pinch of cardamon powder/ saffron/ or any essence and wrap it by mango-pulp sheet .


  1. Wow thats a beautiful looking sweet,very new for me..

  2. Hi,

    The sweet looks wow...:0


  3. never heard of curd powder. very interesting!

  4. Hi Trupti,
    I just stopped by and see what I found a very interesting quick to make delicious dessert recipe! Great sharing!
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  5. Hy Trupti,

    first time here...amazed with your recipe collections...excellent clicks...happy to follow u...

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    Tasty Appetite

  6. So the major ingredient is Mango Pulp Sheet!

  7. Very new sweet indeed..never heard of curd powder..sounds interesting!!
    First time here..I like your space

    US Masala

  8. This is a new one! What's Curd Powder?

  9. @pree
    Its nothing but dried curd.