Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Angakar Roti

I was enjoying my vacation with my hubby those days. The location was a very beautiful Central Indian Village called Dongiya in Chhattisgarh. As a residential geologist, he chose to establish his camp on the village outskirts. Some local people used to work with us. We used to eat chapati and sabji as breakfast early in the morning. The Local workers with us used to prepare their breakfast separately. One day, I wanted to see what they are preparing. I was surprised to see that they were making chapati from rice powder/flour packed in some kind of tree leaves. They were baking the packed powder on fire. I asked them what it is they are preparing and they said it is called Angakar Roti.

I expressed my desire to eat their preparation as it was a new dish for me, and I had never ever tasted anything like it. At first they were hesitant to serve me their food as they thought I would not like it. But when I insisted, they said they will prepare it for us in the evening. So they did and I tasted Angakar Roti for the first time in the evening with Chicken Curry. It tasted really delicious and we enjoyed our meal very much. I do not know whether it was the taste or the camp ambience, which appealed to my senses more, but I, to this day remember eating the Angakar Roti with delicious chicken curry and some fish fry. I loved the taste and ate a lot of it, which caused stomach pain. I understood why this chapatti is eaten in the breakfast.

I collected some information about this Roti from the local workers. I came to know that it is a common breakfast in villages of Chattisgarh and farmers eat this in the morning with achar or sabji It is a Heavy food, and keeps the stomach full till the afternoon.

I’m giving here the Recipe:


Rice Flour 1 cup

Luke warm water


Vegetable oil 2 Ts

Leave of Tendu tree (tendupatta)


This dish is generally prepared on charcoal ovens. Make dough of Rice flour with the help of lukewarm water, add salt as required, while making dough. Get the Tava (flat pan) hot over fire. Meanwhile, Prepare thick big rice chapati using your palm. Now apply oil on the tendu leaves, put leaves on the pan, keep the chapati on it and then again cover the chapati on top by some more tendu leaves (apply oil before covering). Put some hot charcoal over the tendu leaves. Keep it baking for 15 to 20 min.

(PS: I had taken some snaps of those days, but unfortunately I do not have them with me at present)


  1. sounds like you have a great concept for your blog, your first post was fun to read, and I have never had Roti but have heard of it.
    Welcome to food buzz and good luck with your blog

  2. सुन्दर ब्लाग एवं अच्छी पोस्ट है।

  3. बढ़िया प्रस्तुति पर हार्दिक बधाई.
    ढेर सारी शुभकामनायें.

    संजय कुमार

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  6. mouth watering recipe. ..Thanks.

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