Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Crispy and Tangy Tofu

Tofu is good source of protein but I personally dont like its taste and no need to say my baby always keep aside wherever I added tofu in any veggie or salad. So this time I gave twist in recipe, I marinate tofu in spices and in lemon juice for more than half hour and then I fried it. Taste was so delicious. I prepared it as side dish for lunch but before lunch my baby finish it.

Tofu (cut according to desired shape)
lemon juice 2 Tbs
soya soauce 2 tbs
salt (according to taste )
sugar 1/2 Tsb
black pepper 1/2 Tbs
corn flour
ChatMasala* 1 tbs.
oil to fry

Marinate tofu in lemon juice, soy sauce, salt, sugar and black pepper for more than half hour.
remove from marination and dip in dry corn flour and dip fry.
then sprinkle chat Masala.

*To make spicy version add some chilli powder to marination.

(*Substitute for - chat masala add 1/4 spoon dried citric powder, salt and same amount powder sugar mix well and sprinkle )


  1. केवल दिखाने से ही काम नहीं चलेगा, खिलाना भी पड़ेगा।

    1. :) ... आपका स्वागत है प्रवीणजी!

  2. मैं भी प्रवीण जी से सहमत हूँ...तो ये शुभकार्य कब होगा ?

  3. लोक लुभाऊ ललचाऊ प्रिप्रेशन टोफू की .बेहतरीन पोस्ट ,बच्चों की मार्फ़त ब्लॉग जगत भी लाभान्वित हुआ इस हेल्दी फ़ूड से .

  4. बढ़िया डिश सिखाई है आपने ...
    आभार !

  5. This looks delicious. Crispy tofu is one of my favorites. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Yummy and healthy to snack. Thank you for linking with Any One Can Cook :)

  7. वाह! देखने में ही मजेदार लग रही है यह डिश... खाने में कितनी मजेदार होगी.... यम्म्मी!!!!